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Reasons You Should Convert to Online Business

Reasons You Should Convert to Online Business – Still selling in retail stores while other merchants are earning BIG online? The 9 listed reasons below will strongly explain why businesses should convert online.


1. Save Cost = More Profit

Cut off all rental cost, furniture, renovation and overhead cost if you’re selling via online store. At the same time, improve profit as your expenses is minimized.


2. Reach unlimited number of audience from everywhere!

You can reach out to audience from large geographical area and even go international if your business supports international transaction. Business no longer limited on one area and may grow tremendously. It is always easier for online shopper to click on a link than to travel to a physical shop to buy a product. However, cases differ according to product type and the urgency level that product may create. For eg. shoppers may wait for a week for a pair of new jeans but not for a packet of salt. In this case, product delivery is an issue to online sellers. Delivery cost and time would be the concern. EasyParcel would be suitable solution for delivery purposes as you are able to select courier company that you like best at reduced rate.

3. Reduce wasted time on unproductive season

For most business, business comes in more during weekend and public holidays. Have you ever take in consideration about the cost incurred on staff wages during unproductive time? With e-commerce, your staffs can handle your online store by updating new products and carry out some online ads. They can learn more on online business to help expand your market to reach larger audience. As sales may come from larger market, it is more possible to get business during low season across different area and customer segment.

4. Lower Risk

As the cost involved in online business is much lower than conventional retail business, e-commerce sellers can take in order first before getting lumps of product in stock. Further, there’s no contract on shop rental and low additional risk on start-up cost

5. You can have any kind of product catalog you desire online
It’s all about creativity and attention to small details. There are lots of templates that can be found online and with some addition of own creativity, you could successfully display your product that gives maximum information in the simplest message ever. Sound confusing? Pixeden or catalogmachine could provide you with useful product catalog that suits you company product.

6. Can update promotion or new product launch easily

Digital business platform make it easy to make instant updates on your latest product and service offerings. For example, an online boutique can upload new outfit every few minutes to show that they have massive collection of apparels. Besides, you can display your product in clear shots and unique ways to create better customer engagement. Keep in mind that online shoppers tend to rely on product reviews before making any purchase. You can read on Tips to Make Online Selling Easy & Efficient.

7. Cross Selling & Up Selling
Selling online does not have friendly sales person to up sell or cross sell your product to customers. I believe you might notice most online stores provide free shipping for certain amount of purchase. This can either up sell or cross sell
This is one of the method to cross sell your customer through pop up recommendation based on the customers individual preference. intelligent website could track customer’s shopping behavior to make product that suit their preference to appear.

8. 24 Hours Availability

What’s better than to provide a store that enable access 24 hours daily? Customers can view your product anytime in a day and make purchase order anytime

9. Technology is making online selling easy

With so many companies offering e-commercesolutions at affordable cost, setting up an online store has never been so easy. From set-up, product ordering, payment with payment gateway and online delivery solutions, online store is definitely a must-venture business especially for beginners and those with limited budget.

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